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Project vision and branding. Key service

The most creatively awaited task for us. As a rule, it comes with the enthusiasm of the Customer when he does not stained and not tainted by the bitter experience of self-realization of hotel opening. Ideal option, when we start with only desire, there is still no land and premises. In this version there is the ability to create the most correct hotel, without reference to a specific location or configuration premises and other restrictions. We will not give up the basic conditions for the presence of an object. Then please do not limit us in upgrading premises, do not create obstacles in the form of entering the actual premises, thereby at the initial stage set the pace of the wrong hotel. We will lay in the hotel modern design technologies, materials and other gadgets. Hotel development, like any construction is a complex multitasking process. Errors made in the early stages of creation the project could jeopardize the future commercial success of the entire business. Development should be at such a level as to spur all neighbors to change, which will inexpressibly affect development of location and increasing the level of future sales. The hotel is obliged to absorb and be realized with everyone the advantages that are inherent in the idea and project so as not to be distracted by the tasks of the passed startup and getting better every day. Let's serve people a delicious hotel from which the aftertaste will be the strongest of the holiday impressions. In this service, our participation and support the project is necessary at all stages of development and branding, from idea, location search, formation management teams and hotel adaptation.

Our work in short:

Idea | Concept

We are for your project to become our best project. We do not fly in clouds of ideas, but We are working hard to create the idea and concept of your project


All Kamanda will drop everything and go and think about your hotel name. Let's go over hundreds options and give out the one that suits the mood of your hotel

Interior and exterior design

Search and approval of an architectural and design bureau. Make the right choice a performer with whom we will speak the same language and will not have to rebuild anyone and break, as often happens, towards specialists with experience in making hotel projects and with a modern vision of architecture and design


Our task is to find exactly your managers. The main thing in this matter is to give applicants a complete and truthful information about future work, without decorating anything, so that the candidate, having got to us felt that in fact we are even better than we promised. Further, the managers, according to timing tasks, recruit the necessary staff for themselves

Repair | Construction work

Search and approval of a contractor. Here it is also necessary to follow the path of cooperation with experienced specialists who will be responsible under the contract for compliance with the project and the deadlines for delivery, instead of the good guys who were building a building and said that we have seeds or you don’t need anyone, I’ll build better and cheaper, they will charge you both for the contract and for everything. We provide support at the level of need


We participate in the selection and selection of suppliers and manufacturers of hotel equipment according to the project. An obligatory selection criterion is the choice in favor of a non-standard, individual manufacture of the highest possible denominations of furniture, interior solutions and equipment. All the equipment must be extremely wear-resistant, because a large amount of it will be rubbed people


Headhantim the necessary specialists on a permanent basis, outsourcing or outstaffing. Offer and participation in the choice of the financial and legal scheme of work to ensure the lowest possible tax burden


Marketing will begin long before the opening of your hotel. We will prepare and issue tasks for promoting the hotel locally, on the Internet, SMM and online sales


We are preparing a proposal for the maximum possible closure of the process technology of your hotel under their automation


Preparation and issuance of detailed technical specifications for the launch of a project or service. Before we will not wait a lot for the opening, we will practice and when we ourselves like everything - let's start. We provide support for the start

P.S. Strategic vision in capital investment planning is critical to maintain the competitiveness and efficiency of the hotel (facility) operation with minimal costs. In simple words, the age-old theme of our owners is to invest less at the start, and then it is - farther. And it would be okay to cut the budget and not implement this or that task, so there is no construction and everything is arranged, but with savings in favor of a deliberately low-quality product or service.

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Benefits of auditing and the result of working with

Optimization of the hotel.

Optimization of the hotel's financial scheme.

Fresh injection into hotel accounting system.

Let's create a high-quality strategy for all hotel services.

Let's set and direct the marketing vector.

Optimization of utility networks and operating costs.

Increase in sales above 10%.

Achievement of an average finished net profit of 15%.

Improving KPIs of key performance indicators of the hotel.

Increase profitability and reduction of the project payback period.

Image growth in online and offline space.

Strengthening business confidence and desire for hotel development.

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