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Staff are all hotel employees, not counting the tops. The main task of the hotelier is to create conditions for employees that even the top will appreciate as the best for him.

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Naturally, we are not talking about rapprochement with employees, about crazy salaries and%, or about complete freedom. The hotelier must first of all provide employees with normal technical and living conditions of work; together with them, in a short time, standardize and automate business processes in the hotel; provide a real bonus system of hotel staff and top; Ensure employee training and normal working attitude and mood. All these opportunities will allow you to get good continuity, staff growth and quietly create an atmosphere of trust, the resulting process of which will be the formation of the hotel team. Kamanda is the hotel's main resource. Unfortunately, no other levers can be used to create a team! You can discuss a lot about interesting, conceptual work for an idea, about dedication and much more, but all this is short-term, and those who are devoted to the idea, not receiving the proper portfolio, will eventually feel cheated.

The shortage of personnel in hotels is primarily caused by a gap in the education and training of its own employees, the level distance between transnational networkers, which are managed and operated by foreign professionals, and local hotels, which are not able to maintain such tops. The stress of staff shortages caused by gastronomy and migration to other industries is more critical for the hotel. Resort hotels are the hardest to bear with hunger and staff shortages, as many of them are seasonally limited and dismiss staff accordingly. The employees themselves, especially the tops, do not want to work outside the home for a long period and more often settle in millionaires. The solution to the problem is and will be training of employees and keeping the hotel team. Working with the tops under contracts, investing money in them for training and adaptation, bearing risks and losing initial profit, the hotelier can actively use outstaffing of employees, prescribe in contracts with employees a decrease in salaries in the off-season and future compensation, use the tops in the off-season for hotel development, and preparing it for the season.

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