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hotel on the water,

2021. We are looking for an investor

The idea to create not just a non-standard HOTEL because it is ON THE WATER, but to convey to people daily sunrises, sunsets and the silence of the water surface. The task of the idea is to smoothly serve all the delights created on the water on land.

Идеи для отелей и гостиниц

Hotel on the water with our eyes

Arrangement of a quiet scenic area on a river or lake with modular / prefabricated energy efficient modern one-two-storey houses installed on a common or individual pontoons and the device of an apart-hotel with a restaurant and other services on land. Each house will be 100% equipped and ready for full-fledged living, including a kitchen, several bathrooms, a fireplace and other advantages provided by the project. All houses will be designed in advance, produced, assembled and disassembled into kits for subsequent delivery to the location and installation of houses. You can also consider selling houses for your own residence or for a business with only one clarification that the pricing policy remains with the management company.
It is difficult to describe and it makes no sense how many ideas and thoughts we have for this project.

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