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Finally got around to share how we see the hotels of the present. Let's start with what a hotel is from the outside. The hotel resembles a friend's cottage, which is located in the mountains, and in which friends always rest with families, and often there is not enough space for everyone.

Концепция отелей и гостиниц

The owner of the house is hospitable, enjoys the joint rest and gatherings and decides to open a hotel in which there is enough room for everyone, but since there are not enough hands, and the staff needs a salary, and this is simply wrong for the ball, a price tag appears. A restaurant, the same situation is a prototype of a home kitchen-studio, which develops into a restaurant, in which the property, like at home, is only larger, more powerful and more durable. Move on. Since friends are all different, interesting, mature, sophisticated, with children, wives with dogs and other extremes, the hospitable friend has not gone far from them and is always looking for a new reason, updating the informal format of the meeting. He created a hotel for them - a vacation spot that suits their preferences, and where they can now stay much longer. It is cooked and cleaned, children are attached to the play labyrinth or on the playground, wives in the SPA, in the pool or chatting in the room, the guys in the bath or in the bar, the smartest in the gym (but he thinks so), this is without saying about other opportunities and about clean air, artesian water, hiking in the mountains and panoramic rooms. The hotel organizes joint evening parties and gastro fairs every day. His guests are full of impressions, friends have friends, work and business, and everyone draws up interest in a familiar welcoming hotel, and the owner himself does not recognize everyone by sight, but is glad to everyone, because in general there are no strangers here and people are mentally alone and the same. After a while, the most business one holds a meeting of its salesmen and opens the doors of the conference room, which yesterday was the hall for the wedding event for the daughter of my new friend in a black coat. Here we look from the outside and understand that our guy from the article began to make good money, and the task is not to lose him.

But these are all standard things and services, but our friend is a common one, he is not a format and from the very beginning he built his hotel, taking into account all the shortcomings and capabilities of his house, leaving the external standard of neighboring houses and hotels, on the contrary, which have a standard set of services and they are all + - the same. He built rocky cubas and A-houses with a panoramic island bath, separating families and those who love silence from noisy and campaigns. All rooms are not similar to each other, like his friends, they are permeated with the simplicity of everyday life and at the same time are stuffed with technology and comfort, they are soundproof, comfortable, panoramic and views with maximum glazing, centralized air conditioning and heating on new generation heat pumps, built-in adjustable project lighting, including in mirrors, touch-sensitive faucets, smart door handles and other rattles of today.

The essence of this "toast" is that let's build hotel ideas that will keep pace with the times and will not be similar to each other, and merge the ostentatious standards of the general mass, since there are no standards!

P. S. I hope there are no clever people poking around that I was scattered with the word friend and excessive love for my neighbor. You understood what I wanted to say with this article, so no need to find fault with the words.

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