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RE HOTEL (rebranding, redesign, renovation, restyling, repositioning)

Currently, this is the most correct marketing in the hotel market. There is absolutely no point in throwing loot in the promotion of what is morally obsolete. Considering all the current needs of the consumer, solving all current problems and treating all holes, the optimal one is a shot in the new correct conceptual format by giving people what was impossible to give yesterday. PE can be full cycle and partial point. And if everything is clear with the full, then by partial it means, updates without stuffing a grenade. We try to insist on the provision of a full cycle service, then when the Customer, empowers and enables us to carry out closed-loop consulting by our and partners brains and hands. Previously, we were not against the fact that the Customer independently carried out many works incl. design and repair, imported substandard China at its discretion and responsibility according to the project. At present, the disadvantages of this approach are obvious, as are the advantages when the design created by a person who specializes in hotels, knows the subtleties and our preferences, when construction and repair work is carried out by a company that also knows the details of the hotel, modern technologies and which leads to significant savings, that is, on the starting estimate they may be inferior due to distance and a local contractor who fell under the estimate, but in the process everything will fall into place and alterations and disruptions of deadlines will begin. Buying property from certified companies that also some of the goods are brought from China, but who are bringing tested goods and are responsible for it, and not property that falls into disrepair in all rooms without exception at the same time.

RE Services:

Services for purchase hotel:

Idea | Concept

Creation of a short and clear idea and concept of the project, taking into account all needs and past falls.


Create a new unique name for your hotel. Creation of a logo and a sign of the new titles.

Repair | Construction work

Search and approval of a contractor. Maintenance at the level of need.

Interior & Exterior Design

Search and approval of an architectural and design bureau. In the case of partial PE, we ourselves can fingers to outline the changes, the benefit of taste and experience is enough, it will only be necessary planning solution with zoning and arrangement of equipment and furniture, but this is already little things.


We find all the specialists, startups / managers necessary for the project, who carry out end service incl. recruit staff for themselves.


We participate in the selection and selection of suppliers of hotel equipment according to the project.

Finance | LLC

Headhantim the necessary specialists on a permanent basis or outsourcing or outstaffing. Offer and participation in the selection of the financial and legal scheme of work.


Offer and participate in software selection for all services and technologies hotel.


Preparation and issuance of tasks for hotel promotion at the local level, on the Internet, SMM and online sales.


Preparation and issuance of detailed technical specifications for the launch of a project or service. Start tracking.

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Benefits of auditing and the result of working with

Optimization of the hotel.

Optimization of the hotel's financial scheme.

Fresh injection into hotel accounting system.

Let's create a high-quality strategy for all hotel services.

Let's set and direct the marketing vector.

Optimization of utility networks and operating costs.

Increase in sales above 10%.

Achievement of an average finished net profit of 15%.

Improving KPIs of key performance indicators of the hotel.

Increase profitability and reduction of the project payback period.

Image growth in online and offline space.

Strengthening business confidence and desire for hotel development.

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