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If you ask any citizen of the country where he most often rests in his homeland, in the absolute majority we get the Carpathians, the Odessa region and the Crimea. Today is not about Odessa and not about the Crimea. Why? ? We answer, because we chose the Carpathians for ourselves first of all, as it is a year-round “resort” with a temperate climate, in which all seasons work. The Carpathians are located near the border with Europe, which could not but affect the thinking of people, who, for the most part, on construction and other gastronomic tours around Europe and who came home, learned to require at least some service from each other. Fortunately, the Carpathians are much less littered with all sorts of Sovdepov's houses and unkempt services, with Lyubov Viktorovna screaming at every step about Suite rooms for 8 people at the price of spawning sturgeon.

Открытие отеля под ключ в Карпатах

Accordingly, prices in the Carpathians are lower, and the service is often more pleasant even at the lower level of hotels, since local people have tasted Europe and the euro not much earlier than other regions. People are more hospitable, devout, quiet and humble. The exception is of course Bukovel in winter (remark - in other seasons you are welcome here at prices divided by three), which will cost more than Austria for a long vacation. The reason is simple, the oligarchs, incl. Kolomoisky invested in it, yes, so that they divide it in the proportion of 90 to them and 10% to the beggars. Here is the environment and rides and rests, and we finish eating сделан The choice is made! Let's move on. In our humble opinion, after the collapse of the ill-fated scoop, modern Ukraine has achieved little in the development of infrastructure, most likely the opposite has deprived people of sanatoriums and other health resorts, leaving them to die on self-sufficiency, since the main task is again the redemption of territories and buildings by local nouveau riches for next to nothing. Also from the minuses, the fact that the western regions are allocated less public funds than, for example, the same Odessa region.

Why are we, in fact, but to the fact that the status of the western region is blurred for the consumer, having lost the status of a resort and is associated with the built-in bases of the Carpathians, clean air, nature, beautiful places and the private hospitality sector. Leaving criticism and suggesting at the level of the country and every person living in the Carpathians or having a business in the Carpathians, it is necessary to think about the renewal of the resort status of the Carpathians and separately to cities and towns, in particular, beloved Yaremche. Using the example of the same Yaremche to restore its status of a health resort and take on board the restoration of sanatoriums and boarding houses, the construction of a large hall-platform for holding all-Ukrainian and European events, in particular conferences and concerts, taking over all kinds of festivals and gatherings from Crimea and other places in live competition, and here friends are all out of competition, this is the Carpathians. Everyone should understand that since +10 new bright hotels will appear, they will not change the situation in the global sense one iota. Every businessman in the Carpathians should build his business in a European way, emphasizing the local mentality and giving the go-ahead to Lviv, tailored for a local and European tourist who comes from millionaires and wants to get conditions for his wallet that are not worse than at home. Lviv is the best example to follow, because created his own tough internal business for himself and many Kiev and other businessmen "crap" there, because their notorious names are not known there, and the FB does not work! Let's go back to our niche. In Yaremche, for example, there is an association of hoteliers, which is aimed at developing the industry, we do not want to say anything good or bad, but still there is a primary aftertaste, it reminds us of the Franchising Association of Ukraine and probably other useless associations that create impressions from the word association , Well, something like this. Our Kamanda is puzzled about how to massively and efficiently help a hotelier or restaurateur build a business that would be flexible and resistant to economic fluctuations and all kinds of viruses in our heads :) Actually on this note, we want to finish, because about what hotels we see in the West, we will tell in one of the following articles. Thank.

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