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Every aspect of the hotel's operations is important, but the importance of process automation is difficult to underestimate. And it's not just about ease of work and increased sales, but that any business needs automated technology and modern workers, and the guest demands it.

Автоматизация отеля и гостиницы

The task of the hotelier is to competently select and infuse the necessary software so as to help employees to simplify their work, and not to create additional work for them; pay attention to the efficiency of software maintenance and the ability to run software through the server and the cloud, as well as the possibility of the initial offer of initial purchase of software or monthly subscription fee. It is necessary to unify the software as much as possible, use only those functions without which there is no way, and do not indulge in the reproduction of reporting, leaving the most critical KPIs. Only networkers puzzled by the rapid development and change of the market can afford to train unnecessarily with software.

I want to give an example of my appeal through FB to the respected standard writer of the CIS with a question on simplification and unification of software (I will remove abbreviations of words beforehand that all was clear): - «Good afternoon. Tell me, please, how do you decide or see the work of reducing the number of software products in restaurants? What do I mean? There are tasks and products for them: 1. Accounting. 2. Commodity and financial accounting. 3. Sales, including acquiring. 4. Full cycle CRM with the connection of all resources and devices for sales / customer. 5. Internal standards, operational work, management, training, certification and controlling. 6. Management accounting. 7. Mobile applications used separately from the main software developer can be: own food delivery application, docking with delivery service applications, as well as an online ordering application for guests already in the restaurant, and a street food application to participate, for example, in departures. I ran around the min. 7-8 all kinds of software. I agree, the manager can be started separately, because it's a back office, etc., but still for the same manager and supervisor is very crappy this cloud of software, in which at least superficially need to navigate, and they all need additional hands ». Unfortunately, there was no answer ☹ But even so everything is clear, and, as I wrote above, only important lives are needed for action.

I do not want to spray in the article, which software to choose, which functions are more critical and life is necessary for the hotel, because it all depends on the parameters of the hotel and its wallet, also most software has the most important functions that can be used effectively by the hotel.

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