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Immunity of the hotel in case of fluctuations


Since we came from restaurants, we note the interest of our transition to the hotel segment. Hotel projects of a larger scale, with great opportunities, more locally independent and, accordingly, more interesting.

Бизнес план и финансовый аудит отеля

The hotel is not an appendage of the restaurant, on the contrary, the restaurant is an additional hotel service. Unlike restaurants, which for the most part operate in built-in rented premises, hotels are owned by the self-government, so in any case the situation dictates now (in the near future, many will join the chains and will be under management), they are easier to transfer, for example, the current Covid-19 pandemic or suffer another "crisis". For example, in the case of a rental, the mood around its payments burns out all the optimism and creativity of the restaurateur. Of course, it is clear that there is no point in comparing the drop in hotel sales to 2008, since now the hotels were simply closed. This is how the hotels will go out and be restored - that's the question! For ourselves, we understand that the current situation once again draws our attention to the fact that nothing is permanent, and that in “our country” and with an unstable world economy, it is necessary to be prepared for such cyclical phenomena with a frequency of 4-5 years. But the market needs several years to roll back to sales in 2019 - this is a fact. What we know for sure is that many will revise their route tourism in favor of local tourism and will still live in hotels, well, they will not live in tents, except that auto tourism will finally accelerate the pace of development.

Naturally, each hotel should reconsider the cleanliness parameters and pay attention to the maximum sterility of the business in dividing the tourist flows. Having plunged into the fight against the virus, people will be more demanding and will themselves comply with the necessary hotel rules. Ha-ha, just now I thought that the buffet is definitely not an option in today's reality.

A few words about the pandemic for hoteliers in the words of Vasya Riya: “Wake up already, please turn off the zombie boxes ... and unsubscribe from jeans information washes and bot farms ... and go to work, silently drinking antiviral and tempering yourself, but not all of this ... any the news lives on people's reactions, and the worst for the puppeteers is when the puppets sincerely give a damn about all the provocations ... it's a shame for the country ... they are being led by the nose so "cheaply" ...

P. S. The market has changed even before the pandemic.

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